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Scale Computing to Eliminate Virtual Storage Appliances and Vendor Silos with Its SCRIBE Architecture
Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2013 03:16:57 PM

Company to Offer Private Demonstrations of the SCRIBE Object Storage Architecture.

August 26, 2013 -- Scale Computing, the leading vendor of hyperconverged solutions, today announced its breakthrough technology and architecture for expanding hyperconvergence to a complete, distributed software-defined environment. The foundation of this architecture is SCRIBE, based on a highly scalable direct-access object store designed to handle today’s distributed, dynamic private and public cloud environments. Scale is providing an exclusive technology preview of SCRIBE to select partners and analysts at the Intercontinental Hotel in San Francisco, August 26-28. SCRIBE is currently in beta with customers.

Unlike current solutions, at the heart of SCRIBE is an intelligent object store, which is neither a traditional storage array nor a virtual storage appliance (VSA). Instead, SCRIBE creates a storage layer with direct access to the hypervisor. As such, the complexity of storage protocols, file systems, and the overhead of VSAs are completely eliminated. SCRIBE creates storage objects that are made directly available to the hypervisor and applications, delivering the true value of software-defined storage.

SCRIBE also functions as a storage hypervisor, enabling legacy third-party storage to be pooled with the object store, providing investment protection of the customers’ existing storage. This sets the path for customers to move from legacy into the vision of HC3’s software-defined environment.

“SCRIBE will be critical for the future of our IT infrastructure. Cost, performance and expandability are of the utmost importance in our business. SCRIBE will meet and exceed all of these as we grow as a business,” said Eli Stillings of Summerwinds Resorts.

“Protocols, file systems and VSAs represent the old way of thinking,” said Jeff Ready, CEO of Scale Computing. “They are at the core of other attempts to create next-generation storage, but these are the very obstacles that prevent the true implementation of a software-defined environment. SCRIBE eliminates these, and instead, makes storage directly available to applications, with performance, redundancy, and locality parameters set on a per-object basis. SCRIBE abstracts all of the complexity of both the storage and the infrastructure overall, delivering a platform that eliminates the complexity of traditional VMware environments and radically simplifies IT for our customers.”

Since the launch of HC3 a year ago, Scale Computing has been accelerating growth of its hyperconverged platform, designed specifically for virtualization. This resulted in 65 percent quarter-over-quarter growth of its new HC3 business and a continued momentum in all parts of the company’s operations.

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